Monday, August 8, 2011


This next post is just as important as the previous one on canvas bags, but it's more of a mental exercise. I wouldn't call it a quick tip either though, but once you start thinking about it and noticing it, a lot of things get pretty obvious (and I find it's really hard to stop thinking about it... which is really good news!).

Today's tip: Be aware.

It has been said that every purchase is a political decision. I know I've thought this was extreme before, and I'm sure there are others who still think it's extreme. But once I started looking around at the packaging (plastic, paper, metal, glass, etc.) that are used in every-day products, it's hard not to notice anymore.

Don't just try this at the grocery store (where this exercise is at its scariest) but look at clothes, shoes, electronics, accessories, beauty products and pretty much anything else. Be aware of how things are packed in the store, and also what they are made of. Start thinking beyond the product's usage span and into its entire life cycle: from beginning to end.
Can you reuse the packaging somehow?
Will this go straight to the landfill?
Can the parts be recycled after you're done using it?
Will the company take back any of it for recycling and future production?

I'll build on this more in future posts but for now, that's your challenge: notice and register! The subsequent changes will come.

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