Friday, August 12, 2011

Still a long way to go!

In the interest of self-disclosure, I just bought some new flats that have nothing to do with the environment. I pondered about whether or not I should post this but decided I didn't want to come off as someone who does everything right without any effort, because that wouldn't be true. So instead, shoes go on my eco-friendly wishlist for next purchase!

I had seen them weeks, if not months, ago but at 96€ full price, there was no way I was gonna gamble on another pair of flats. Since they went on sale though, and I knew I really loved them, I went back and got them today.
[See my previous post on only buying stuff you love.]

I'd been trying to decide which items get my focus when it comes to sustainable-living and I've decided that I'm of the opinion that shoes should be made for the individual and not bought second-hand. Though I suppose if they're heels or party shoes and you wear them rarely then the fact that they're not shaped to your foot is not a huge problem. Otherwise, I have some issues with the hygiene of it all but you could make sure they're properly sterilized too.
The irony was that when I was trying them on, I looked up at some other shoes. They were really colourful and, I have to admit, pretty ugly, but they were 100% recycled. The guilt hit me a little but the style was so far from what I'd wear that I couldn't even consider wearing them, let alone ever paying money for them. It seemed to me there are lots of options for eco-friendly shoes which are comfortable but they are restricted to more casual styles... that was before I came home and Googled a little and found this article: Top 10 Eco Friendly, Socially Conscious and Vegan Shoes. Okay so it's not the perfect article because those shoes aren't 100% perfect either, but each of them has something sustainable, whether production methods, content or labour. I was thinking more along the lines of Simple shoes or another shoe company which I cannot find right now, despite the last half an hour I just spent Googling...

What can I say? I have a long way to go. I hope they last me forever. My next purchase will be sustainable! I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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